Well...here goes, my first blog post. First...I'm going to apologize. I don't know how to write a blog, lol. I'm sure it'll get easier as I go. So...here goes!

I'd like to touch a little bit on the Comedogenic Scale. Did I spell that right? I think so.

This scale gives you a rating, from 0-5. 0 being it won't clog pores, to 5, it will definitely clog your pores. I used this scale when I made the Acne Away Facial Soap for one of my customers. I use this scale, A LOT, actually. I really don't want anyone's pores to get clogged, whether they have acne or not.

I'll put together an excel spreadsheet with all the butters and oils and what their comedogenic rating is. But not today.

I'm a little tired from the stomach flu that I had this past week. ???? Sorry, I sometimes go off on tangents that may or may not make any sense, lol. Squirrel!...wait...what?

At any rate. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Am I supposed to write something after that? My answer. I DO NOT KNOW! Remember...this is my first blog post. Scroll down to read more.

You may or may not have ever heard of this scale. Especially, if you don't have acne or sensitive skin. So the ingredients in products probably has never given you problems. But, for the rest of us, we've had red, itchy skin, pimples caused from ingredients or an allergic reation from sensitivity to an ingredient or ingredients inside of the products. This poses a problem. 1. Because we have no earthly idea which ingredient or ingredients that caused the issue, since most products have a very long list of ingredients. 2. Are you really going to test each ingredient on your face that's on the list, ah...NO! That would be very expensive. 3. You could go to your dermatologist, but that is pretty pricy too. So...they devised this scale to help you out. Well...it only helps if you actually heard of it or you actually take the time to read it and compare your ingredients list to the scale.

I will probably write one blog weekly, unless, there is an issue or common questions asked by my customers.

Well...there you go! My first blog post.

Love you my rose petals!

Good night!

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