Good Skin Care for Diabetes

Keep skin clean and dry

People with high glucose levels tend to have drier skin

Moisturize daily to prevent chapped and broken skin. Our Soothing Oatmeal Cream is great for chapped skin.

Take lukewarm baths and showers. Getting the water to hot will cause your skin to dry out even more

Using Moisturizing Epsom salts, like the one we offer, and bath salts in the bath will help soften troubled areas.

Blot your skin til just damp after a bath or shower, then apply a thick cream to troubled areas. This will allow the cream to be absorbed quicker and with less friction. Applying cream to dry skin can cause to much friction which in turn can cause more itchy skin. Rubbing the cream in with damp skin will help increase circulation which can help with that itchy feeling. Refrigerating the cream will help with itching and redness. feels good on a hot summer day to put on cold thick cream. Use our cream that has so many skin loving ingredients.

Prevent dry skin. It can cause itching, which in turn can cause open sores.

Diabetics are more susceptible to skin infections than the majority of the population

And as always...if anything looks suspicious in any way or you have brown spots, skin tags or anything that pops up overnight please go see your doctor.

See a dermatologist if your skin issues are not resolved by the treatments you have chosen

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